Support plan with repair upon leave

“Support plan with repair upon leave” prepares you for restoration fee

When a tenant leaves, the owner incurs restoration fees. Usually the owner observes the room with the tenant and calculates how much the owner should pay. However, the amount of payment made by owners is increasing in recent years. Often times it exceeds the standards set by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transportation, and Tourism. Tenants leave at random times, meaning restoration fee can be an unexpected expenditure. At ABLE Hosho, we offer a “Support plan with repair upon leave” where the owner pays a set amount every month for a stable monthly income.


Note 1) ABLE Hosho will determine whether a repair/replacement is required (we will restore the room so that it is appealing to new tenants).
Note 2) Renovation/room arrangement fee not included.
Note 3) Clogged pipes/system equipment (kitchen, AC, water heater) not included.
Note 4) The monthly fee for the support plan will not be returned.
* Please contact us for a pricing chart.