Sublease management operations

Building management

From cleaning, periodic check-ups, and dealing with complaints, we will handle it all, available 24 hours 365 days.

management operations

Daily cleaning

We will clean up the entrance/approach, hallway, stairs, handrails, doors, mail posts, windows, and dumpster, as well as get rid of excess grass and organize the bicycle parking lot on a daily basis.

Periodic check-ups

We will wax the entrance hall, elevator hall, hallways, and stairs using a water wash polisher. We will clean the dumpster and tiles using a high pressure cleaner.

Water tank cleaning

Water tanks must be checked once a year according to the waterworks law, article 34, item 2-1, article 23.

Private water supply system cleaning

The water quality of a water tank that exceeds 10t (private water supply system) must meet the standards set by the waterworks law article 4, item 1 and the Ministry of Health and Welfare. Water quality is tested in a public institution and we will submit the results.

Firefighting equipment check-up

It is required by law (firefighting law article 17, 3-3) to check firefighting equipment twice a year and report the results to the fire chief once every 3 years.

Water supply/drainage system check-up

We will check the water supply unit, water pump, drainage pump, automation systems, and measure insulation to maintain the water supply system.

EV system check-up

Based on the Building Standards Act article 12 item 2, and article 6 from the rules of practice of the same law, we will dispatch an engineer once a month to conduct a check-up on elevator (hoist gear, electrical machine, oil control machines, cleaning, adjustment).

Remote supervision

In case the water supply/firefighting equipment malfunctions, the remote supervision device will send a signal using a telephone line and we will dispatch an engineer accordingly.

Non-utility electrical facility check-up

Based on the Electricity Business Act article 72, 74, and 77 from rules of practice, we will conduct the necessary check-ups on non-utility electrical facilities.

Mechanical parking system check-up

We will conduct a periodic check-up (check/oil/adjust machines, electrical machine, control systems, etc.) on the mechanical parking system.

Septic tank check-up/cleaning

The Private Sewerage System Act requires 3 or more maintenance check-ups per year and 1 or more cleaning per year. Furthermore, depending on the system/capacity of the septic tank, there may be additional inspections that must be conducted by specific institutions.

Miscellaneous water pipe cleaning

We will clean the pipes (branch/main) with high-pressure water periodically to prevent deterioration.

24-hour management

We will deal with all kinds of troubles, even if it occurs late at night or on holidays. We are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. In case of an emergency such as water leak, we are prepared to act immediately.