The benefits of a sublease

With a sublease contract, there are many merits including a stable rental operation and keeping your asset values high.
Furthermore, you can enjoy your life as the landlord without the need to worry about the numerous tasks that come with managing a rental building.

1. Full occupancy at all times

With a sublease contract, we rent out the entire building. From the owner’s perspective, you already have a full occupancy by signing a sublease contract with us.

2. An effective way to sustain your asset value and inherit your assets

With a sublease contract, you always have a full occupancy, meaning a lower evaluation for the land with a rental housing.

3. A fixed amount of rent, regardless of actual occupancy rate

With a sublease contract, we rent out the entire building. Even if a room becomes empty, we will pay you a fixed amount of rent every month.

4. The rent doesn't change for 2 years

With a fixed rent for a specified period, it will make it easier to plan your next investment and plan your next move.

5. Less advertisement/mediator fee

When you have a vacancy for a long time, “advertisement fee” becomes a risk. With a sublease contract, you can hedge those risks.

6. No need to worry about late rents

You no longer need to worry about late rents and collection. We will take care of everything.

7. No more blank period when switching tenants

With our sublease contract, we do not have a re-exclusion period, meaning there is no exclusion period when a tenant leaves.

8. No more trouble with our 24-hour management

We will handle all complaints and troubles with neighbors. We will consult with the owner first and take the necessary action.