What is sublease (rent guarantee)

Sublease refers to a system where one party rents out the entire building. With sublease, you can manage your building without having to worry about empty rooms.

In the sublease system, ABLE Hosho rents out the entire building from the owner, then rents out the room to tenants. ABLE Hosho will find tenants and take care of contracts and paperwork. Even if a room opens up, we will pay a fixed amount to the owner every month. ABLE will take care of everything from managing tenants and maintaining the building to keep the asset value high. All you need to do is receive a fixed amount of income every month. No more worrying about empty rooms or management work, just a stable income.

No more vacancies with the sublease system

We rent out the entire building so the owner can count on no vacancies. But that is not all. You can delegate all the management work to us and maintain your asset values as well.

Stable income Keep a certain standard for rent
Full management High evaluation from tenants
Asset management made easier (collecting late rent, solving problems)
Managing the building (countermeasures for deterioration)
Business succession/sale Asset succession with fewer burdens
Effectively maintain asset value
Tax related benefits Decrease your inheritance tax
(Evaluation of land with rental housing, rental rate 100%)

The expanding market of sublease and its types

Sublease by house manufacturers Independent sublease company
Goal Receive orders for buildings Receive profit from management/operation
対象物件 Self-built buildings (mostly new) Structure/size may vary
Suggestion Suggestions on a large scale like re-building or major repair Suggestion from the tenant’s perspective
The strongpoints of an independent sublease company are “flexible ideas” and “prompt response”.

Characteristics of a sublease

Guarantee of rent You can receive a rent of the constant sum which isn't influenced by the movement situation.
Litigation fee is on us ABLE Hosho will pay for litigation fees such as lawsuit to collect unpaid rent, sending a pressing letter, and other troubles.
No blank periods There are no blank periods where you cannot receive rent when a tenant leaves
Less financial burden Less money spent on advertisement and mediator fees
Avoid rent from dropping We analyze the market closely and take initiatives to sustain the current rent
Average annual occupancy rate 97% We have an average annual occupancy rate of 97%
Reduced risk of bankruptcy Our business focuses solely on sublease. Our funds stay within the company at all times.
Points to be noted about sublease